Nonprofit Meeting & Event Management

Our team has decades of experience with nonprofit event management for all kinds of events, from board meetings, to hybrid conferences, to galas. We’re here to make sure that you have a successful event.

Grow Your Organization Through Experienced Event Management

Events play a vital role in the success of any nonprofit organization. Whether a simple meeting of the Board of Directors, or a huge annual conference, these are crucial moments for building relationships with the members of any organization. Talley has decades of experience in helping nonprofit organizations plan and manage successful events, from promotion and registration through programming and hospitality. Let us handle the heavy lifting so that you can get back to running your organization.

What's Included

  • Event Planning
  • Event Preparation
  • Vendor Relations
  • Implementation of Best Practices
  • Strategic Planning
  • Location Scouting
  • Food and Beverage Planning
  • Speaker Lineups
  • Event Scheduling
  • Event Promotion and Marketing
  • Virtual/Hybrid Event Planning

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How Talley's Event Management Experts Can Help Your Organization

So much goes into planning and executing a successful event, from choosing the perfect location, to managing registration and on-site logistics. Talley’s years of experience ensure that your event goes smoothly, and that your attendees have a great time, while saving you time, stress and money.

Event Focuses

Efficiently Organize Your Next Event With Our Free Planner Checklist

Say goodbye to the hassle involved with planning your organization’s events with our free Event Planner Checklist. This guide will help you organize your conference, meetings, or any get-together with ease by providing a breakdown of what’s required at every stage.

Our Process

Each event needs to be designed around the unique needs of the organization and its stakeholders. Talley’s tested event planning approach is built around the simple idea that every organization is unique, so its events should be too.

1. Establish Goals and Objectives for the Event

Success can’t be achieved unless it is clearly defined, and the definition is different for every organization and event. Establishing alignment on clear goals and objectives is the first step for any successful event. The Talley team will help to walk your organization’s stakeholders through the process of finding out what success means for you.

2. Identify Top Priorities & Challenges in Producing the Event

There are thousands of details that go into making an event successful, but there are always some that are more important than others. It’s important for us to work together to prioritize the key elements that are crucial to success, while at the same time identifying the key challenges that need to be overcome to ensure that success.

3. Develop Event Budget

Having established our framing of success and our key priorities, we can now put together a budget that acknowledges the limitations, while also helping us to see the possibilities. This important process is crucial for ensuring that our vision for the event is aligned with the reality of what we can accomplish.

4. Develop Milestone Tasks & Timelines

With a clear idea of what our event is going to look like in broad strokes, we can now put together an action plan to make sure that we’re moving in concert to make our vision for the event a reality. We use the project management tool to build out our tasks and milestones into a comprehensive timeline, ensuring that we are on track.

5. Communication & Promotion

Key to the success of any event is good communication with the prospective attendees, making sure that they know what to expect from the event and the value that they will derive from attending. Our communications and promotion plans are built on years of success in promoting events to drive attendance and provide great attendee experiences.

6. Evaluate Success

Once the event is complete we will develop a clear and efficient approach for evaluating its success. Combining both quantitative and qualitative data, we can learn from our successes and failures to make sure that each event is better than the last.

What Clients Have to Say About Talley

Talley staff are professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have great institutional knowledge, are creative with their solutions, and are dedicated to serving our membership.

Ye Tong
National Council on Measurement in Education President, Former President

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