How It Works

From the proposal process, to the transition period, to the day-to-day and strategic planning, we always have your association’s goals in mind. Our entire process is structured around helping you meet those goals.

Our Process

  1. The Proposal

    The process starts when you submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) or reach out to us for a consultation. Once our team has the information, we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting to go over your goals, needs, and anything else to create a proposal. Our proposal will outline the services, scope of work, and resources that Talley can provide for you. We can work together to find the right balance of services and resources to execute on your goals and take your association to the next level.

  2. The Transition

    Once a proposal is accepted, we begin our transition process. We have a dedicated transition team, led by a transition manager, who will ensure all goes smoothly during this process. The transition differs slightly depending on whether your association is transitioning from another AMC to Talley, or if this is your first partnership with an AMC.

    • Transitioning From Another AMC to Talley
      If you are transitioning to Talley from another AMC, then much of the transition will be in migrating tools, data, and information from your previous AMC to us. Our transition team will manage all scheduling, documents, and migration as well as interfacing directly with your previous AMC to gather what we need and ensure a seamless transition. We follow the AMCI Standard Process for Accredited AMCs to ensure that we are following best practices and delivering the highest level of customer service for all of our clients.
    • Transitioning From Staff or Volunteer-Run Management
      While less common, typically an association finds their first AMC while going through a transition of their own, whether that’s downsizing, shifting responsibilities, closing offices, or another large change. During this transition from self-run leadership to Talley, we manage the gathering of information and migration of tools and data, in addition to supporting the logistics of your specific transition, such as retirement plans, accounting, and employee relations.
  3. Day-to-Day Management: A Flexible Path to Growth

    Once the transition process is complete, the day-to-day relationship begins. Your association will have a team dedicated to running the organization, which includes an executive director, and specialists in the services you have chosen, such as an events or meeting manager.

    We will be in close, constant contact via email, phone, and video calls, and we encourage upfront, transparent communication from both sides of the relationship. We will keep you updated with regular financial statements, membership reports, event reports, and so on, and the timing of our reporting is flexible based on your organization’s needs and resources.

  4. Beyond the Day-to-Day: A Strategic Partnership

    At Talley, our best relationships — and best results — come from a strategic partnership with an association. Our approach to association management is collaborative and strategic, meaning we’re an extension of your team who are ready to create and meet goals to help you succeed.

    We look to understand your whole organization, find opportunities for growth, and execute with our experience and strategic know-how. We’re not just association management, we’re association development, growth, and strategy.

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An association management company can help get your leadership out of the weeds of administrative tasks and focused on the future. Get help with financial management, administration, strategic planning, event planning, and more with an AMC

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